• Attendance in the classes is recorded daily and cadets found absent or liable to disciplinary action/penalty.

  • Special emphasis is laid on the punctuality of the cadets, when they return to the college particularly after every holiday / vacations. Absence on account of illness is accepted if supported by a Medical Certificate from a qualified Medical officer and if necessary information is given to the college in time.

  • Parents are earnestly requested not to apply for a leave during term except when absolutely unavoidable. To obtain leave during a term, parents should apply in writing to the principal atleast a week before the leave is required. Parents are advised to schedule their family programmes (marriage etc.) during vacation/holidays, So that the academic life of cadets is not disturbed.

  • Cadets who remain absent without leave for six consecutive days are liable to be struck off the college Roll. Fresh admission fee is charged in case they are allowed to rejoin.

  • Cadets are discouraged to visit their homes on every weekend, however once in a month they may be allowed on weekend, provided their performance in academics is satisfactory.