Attention of all is invited to the followings aspects, failing which strict disciplinary action will be taken. All cases of gross indiscipline shall be referred to the Chairman, College Council. Decision taken by the College Council shall be FINAL and NON – CHALLENGEABLE.

Violation of the following nature can result in the withdrawal/expulsion of a Cadet from the College, with or without warning.

  1. Failing in annual examination.
  2. Consistent poor performance in Academics.
  3. Cheating in the examination or in any other form.
  4. Leaving the college campus in an unauthorized dress and without proper permission.
  5. Keeping firearms, knives and any other weapon.
  6. Insulting any officer/staff of the college or rudeness towards the staff members and seniors.
  7. Being habitually unpunctual , untidy or slovently.
  8. Smoking or using any drugs or narcotics.
  9. Willfully or deliberately damaging college property.
  10. Indiscipline, cheating, lying, stealing, use of abusive language and immoral conduct.
  11. Absence from dormitories or House after lights out.
  12. Taking part in strikes , protests, Inter-group fights, politics and indulging in rowdyism.
  13. Keeping undesirable literature.
  14. Any other act which is dishonorable and below the dignity/moral/social standards of conduct expected from a cadet of PCSC.
    The cadets are not allowed to keep any other item of clothing except those given in approved clothing list.
  15. The cadets are not allowed to keep mobile phones, video games, transistors, unauthorized medicines or valuables.