Physical Training/Parade & Games

Morning Parade , physical training and evening games are compulsory for all cadets. However ,the choice are available to the cadets to excel into a particular game.

Sports Facilities

Facilities for the games such as Table Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton and other indoor games are available in the College premises. However, for Cricket, Hockey, Football and obstacles, Army Grounds at Gharyal Camp are used.

To inculcate sportsman spirit in the cadets and help them expand their circle of friends , the college plays friendly fixtures against different Cadet Colleges and other institutions.

Boarding Houses

In the Hostel the cadets are kept in three Houses, which are named after the great Heroes of Muslim History i.e. Ibn-e-Qasim House, Jinnah House and Abdul Qadeer House. The House are being looked after by House Master / House Parents. In the hostel we try to give homely atmosphere to the cadets.


Well-balanced meats are served to cater for the nutritional needs and the physical development of growing teen-agers

Computer Laboratory

The computer will play more significant role in the next century. It has become almost inescapable from our lives. Therefore, the computer training is kept mandatory for all classes.

An Internet Club is established in the college computer lab.(Only for member cadets.)


It is essential that the reading habit should be developed at an early age. Variety of reading material is available to the cadets. Efforts are made to develop reading skills.


The cadets are allowed to participate in one or more club activities according to their own interests and inclination. Club activities create ingenuity of mind.