Admin Staff

The College normally announces its admissions twice a year as per tentative schedule given below through advertisement in the leading NEWSPAPERS of the country
Mr. Rana Rafaqat Ali

Director Management

Rana Rashid

Director Finance

Rana Bakhatawar Ali Khan

Director Admin

Dr. M. Amjad Abbasi

Medical Officer

Sub.(R) M.Bashir


Sub. Clk.(R) M.Bashir

Account Officer

Mr. M.Mansoor

Messing Officer

Hav.(R) Hussain Khan

Drill/PT Instructor.

Mr. Shahid Abbasi

Asst. Acct Officer

Mr. Javed Khokhar

I/C Admission Office

Mr. Amjad Nawaz

Asst. Admission Office

Mr. Safdar Hussain

Incharge Stores

Mr. M.Afzal

Security Supervisor

Mr. Maqsood Cheema

Incharge Transport

Miss Alia


Mr. Vikki

Juddo/Karate Instructor