The greater investment of any nation is the Human Resource Development, which enables the young generation to face the challenges of future.
To achieve this objective, there is a need to provide a system of carefully designed and supervised education, enabling them to confidently face the challenges during the new millennium.
Pakistan Cadet School and College Murree has therefore been established to serve this very purpose with a clear vision and aim to impart a sound and discipline oriented education.
The system is so designed that it will not only help the cadets to achieve the proficiency in academics but will also incluate a sense of discipline in them, which will be an asset in their future careers.
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Prospectus & Forms Available is islamabad office Cash : 1000 PKR Bank Draft: 1200 PKR Bank draft must be in favour of PAKISTAN CADET COLLEGE MURREE OFFICE WILL REMAIN OPEN ON SUNDAY
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Class 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9